Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Hey everyone! Skylar here :) My mom (Sarah) is in class so I thought I would get on here and write to you all. Most importantly my twin sis Stephanie :D Today has been pretty good so far. Hayden (one of my other sisters) has been introducing me to everyone else in the family. There are SOOOOO many girls I cant keep all their names straight! Every corner I turn there are more of them!! I'm sure I will get the hang of it soon though. After all the first part of my life I lived in a box in a warehouse full of other girls waiting to be adopted and we could only talk to each other at night time when no adults were there. And even then we could never see each other...we just had to holler out and hope someone wanted to talk back to us :( But oh well now I have such a loving family with 24 sisters and a twin sister!!! And 2 baby sisters. I have not met them yet but Hayden keeps telling me how cute they are :)

Julie and Celeste keep trying to make me put on their hippie clothes...and Elizabeth keeps trying to get me to try on this super long colonial style dress...not to mention SAMANTHA and NELLIE trying to force me in these crazy victorian dress contraptions that make it impossible for me to breathe in! I think I'll stick to my purple tee and ruffle skirt :) I'm definitely a modern girl. All those girls act as if they are stuck in another century...odd. But they are great though I really love them :)

I really wish I could meet Stephanie. Its a strange feeling knowing you have a twin sister that you can never meet :( Odd but still satisfying at the same time. I cant wait to get to know her better. I think she will be my best friend for life and someday I hope we will meet :) I would LOVE for her to meet my huge family! I also would love to meet her family! She has 15 sisters! OMG that means that if her and her sisters got together with me and my sisters there would be 41 of us!!! HOLY COW!!!! Thats A LOT of girls 13 and under running It would be pretty awesome though :D

Ok I better get off of here. I promised the triplets (Alyssa, Alli, and Ashlyn) that I would play dolls with them. I hope to here from you soon Steph! I love you twin sis!!!



  1. We hope you get to meet your sister one day, Skylar :) (LOL-ing about Celeste and Julie trying to make you wear their hippie clothes) :)

  2. You are so adorable!!!!!!

    By the way, when I clicked on this link, it said that blogger is looking into this blog because there is some sort of violation.


    Hannah :)

  3. Yeah its cuz me and Deanna are signing on at different times but since we are using 2 different computers to do it they think we are a spam blog :( I already contacted blogger so hopefully they will remove it soon.

  4. Hey Sarah I love your vids I forgot to check out Deanna's vids but I think this is so cool! Two computers same blog wow!!!!! I hope everything goes good I dont have a YOUTUBE account so I only leave comments on here so that's why! Well hope all goes well your so cool and my role model!

  5. I am having a tough time you girls love amg dolls so should I get Nellie or Elizabeth I have Felicity but my BFFL has Samantha and I want Nellie!

  6. to blue24storm,
    it would be easier to get elizabeth because
    samantha and nellie are retired. if you really want nellie then you would have to get her off ebay.

    I can't believe they are retiring kirsten:( tonight i am ordering some things from her collection that i don't already have.

  7. Ok thanks Scarlet and do you have Kirsten my friend does shes really pretty

  8. Hi Sarah I come on here all the time and was sorta hoping for a message from you soon and I love your site bye!

  9. OK please please please reply to me Sarah it would mean the world just say hi or yes or anything please it would make me the happiest girl in the world your amazin and your like an hero and super famous your amazing Sarah! You and Selena Gomez of course but please just one just one word your amazing please im ten and I want a girl to say hi to me please please!!!!!!