Thursday, October 8, 2009

wow, we really do look alike!
And our color is totally purple.
I wish we could meet too, maybe our mommy's could meet at one of the ag places so we could meet and have lunch together, that would be fun. We could wear matching outfits!
My mom keeps trying to put other earrings on but my ears are too sensative, and she won't teach me ebcause she doesnt trust me with pointy earrings and 14 annoying yet loving sisters!

Well I better get off before my mommy comes home from school.
Talk to you later sky!


  1. I think it's sooo cool that you have a twin! *sigh* If only I had one. I really like your blog and you have such a great mom. I love her videos. *hint* *hint*

  2. Hey hope someday your ears wont be so sensitive
    Skylar! I bet you would look great in earings and I have a question I am having a tough time brushing me JLY dolls hair shes like exactly the same but it's different any TIPS or vids?

  3. hey, skylar should come check out my blog
    it's new but things will be added everyday that i am on the computer!

  4. Hey Sarah I try that site above me but it's not working why is that am I doing something wrong?

  5. Check out my blog Sarah please!!! :) I really need people too I have no comments I guess nobody likes me sigh :( .......

  6. Hi skylar!
    Its me Megan, also known as Kailey hopkins!
    Do not worry,my mom says i have sensitive ears too, shes thinking about pericing them but shes afraid it will hurt me too much,ugh....moms worry to much!!
    You so lucky to have a twin sister!Even if you cant really visit her.
    Im getting A sister near christmas then one again in march, Im getting Chrissa and another one which i dont know, for sisters :)
    Im so excited!
    Im also so excited for halloween!
    Im being a mermaid :)
    *says to self* okay just calm down megan....calm down...... mom says that sometimes I get really hyper sometimes....but oh well its just my personality to be hyper and excited and friendly all the time I guess LOL! :)
    What are all you other AG dolls out their being for hallowen??
    Anyways,see ya!
    Peace, Love& AG

  7. I am going to be a cute hippie girl but a mermaid sounds cool!

  8. OMG skylar love your hair you to stephanie, you too are so cute,iLOVE your mom's youtube videos, i like your mom's youtube videos too skylar,OMG skylar you have so many sisters oh and tell Julie & Mia Love their hair.

  9. i miss de being on this site, she had good post..