Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back at school with cool new duds :)

Hey peeps! Well Sarah and some of my sisters just got back to Sarah's school yesterday and it feels good to be back but I miss Bagel and all of my sisters who had to stay behind :( But they all have each other to keep themselves entertained and Sarah's mom is watching them to make sure they are not misbehaving ;)

Does everyone like my outfit?? It is one of the outfit's that Sarah and her Grandma made together last week. Actually Sarah made this one herself :) It is plaid shorts with a black T-shirt and it has a star on the front. Sarah made it using the Liberty Jane patterns that you can download from her blog! We just love them! She has made lots of jeans, pleated skirts, t-shirts with The Beatles iron on's on them (these are supposed to be for Julie and Celeste but I already have dibs on a few :P) two different pairs of these shorts. The other pair is green and yellow plaid and it has a green t-shirt with a peace sign on it :) Makynli has not taken that one off since Sarah put it on her :P She has also made a few denim skirts and a pair of flower corduroy pants for Julie. I'll post pictures of everything else later but for now here are some glamor shots of me in my outfit ;)
My AWESOME shorts!

A close up of the star and my beanie :)

Don't I look soooo pretty!! :D
Sarah keeps telling me I am too vain...idk what that means but I hope its a good thing!! :D UGH...Sarah wants me to bug you guys and ask you to click on the ads at the top of the page...LAME but oh well the more people click the more fabric she can buy to make clothes for me!!! :D (I'm her favorite ;P)

Here is the link to Liberty Jane's patterns that you can download :) The instructions are really easy to follow and all the patterns turn out sooooo good and look amazing on us :) (mostly me!)

Anyways stay awesome everyone! I'm sure I'll be back with more stuff to ramble on about here in a day or so :)


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Its been awhile!

Hey everyone! Wow its been awhile since I have posted on this thing. I'll try to make this update short and sweet :)

I had my first Christmas with my family and it was sooooo much fun! Tomorrow I am headed back to school with my mom and she finishes school in May! I am really excited about that because it means that once she is done there is no more moving around!! I hate riding in a box with my sisters in her car :( Its dark in there!

So anyways things have been pretty good lately. I got 2 new sisters on Christmas so that was the most exciting! I'm not the newest anymore! :P

Last week Julie, Rory, Makynli and I went to our Grandma's house with Sarah to sew some new outfits for us! I got this really cute pair of plaid shorts and a black top with a star on it that my mom made me :) I love it! The other girls got replica's of Julie's calico dress and they look really cute in them but I prefer to be stylish in my modern clothes :)

Well thats all for now but until next time here are some pictures for you of what has been going on around here lately :)
Yummy Christmas cookies from the AGplaythings cookie/candy exchange!
Mmmmmm Home made pumpkin Pie!
I am loving my Santa's helper outfit :)