Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's Stephanie!

Hey, it's me!
Okay, so I recently just arrived at my new home, and my mommy told ,me I have a twin sister. I was waiting paciently for Skylar to arrive at her mommy's house so we can talk! She finally arrived yesterday, and we will talk to eachother today!
eeeeep! I can't wait. Im so glad my mommy adopted me and I get to see my long lost twin!

Stephanie (call me steph for short)


  1. HEy awesome blog!!!!

  2. hi i love watching your video i was wondering if you can do a makeover on my samntha doll like you did to lindsey please i found here when i was coming to school today i found her at the grbitch can and i don't know how to fix here so can you please do it please write me back a emile my emile is karolineguimaraes@live.com please thanx bye

  3. your so funny Sarah! ~Haily with Zoey (my doll)