Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My mom has something to say...

Hey guys its Sky! Sorry I havent updated this thing in awhile but I have been super busy trying to keep my new sisters (Rory and Makynli) out of trouble!! Anyways, my mom has something she wanted me to tell you guys but instead I'm just gonna copy and paste her blog post on here for you all to read so I dont have to type it all over again ;)

(From Sarah's Blog)
I HAVE THE DATES THAT I AM GOING TO THE MALL OF AMERICA!! Me, my mom, my Grandma, and my 12 year old cousin Katie are going to the mall the last weekend in March! I CANT WAIT!! I'm not going to make specific plans to meet certain girls there because that would just be way too hectic if I did that for everyone who asked me. But I would LOVE to meet some of you there! I'll probably update my twitter through my phone when I am going in the store and stuff. Last year when I was there a few girls said they saw me but they were too nervous to come up and say hi to me so this year PLEASE dont be shy or nervous!! I would LOVE to meet you and take a picture with you or something!

Also...I want to buy some of the AG place exclusives while I am there and have a contest on you tube where the grand prize will be winning the exclusives from me!! Meaning I will send whatever I get from there to you if you win!! So....PLEASE CLICK MY ADS!! And tell everyone else you know to click on them too so I can save up money for when I go to AG! Not only for stuff for me but also for stuff for you guys!! And dont worry I will DEFINITELY be taking videos, pictures, etc. of the AG place. I'll focus more on videos this time since I forgot to take any last year. But yeah!! Please click my ads and...I cant wait to go!!!!


Ok Skylar again! My mom is definitely taking me with her to the Mall of America so I REALLY hope we get to see some of you there! I would love to meet some of you as well :) I tried to talk my mom into bringing just me but she said no that she wants to bring some of my sisters too...this is going to be one CROWDED ride up there! Oh well Sarah said we can do a bunch of pictures and stuff of me so I can do one kick butt huge blog entry after we go!! She is bringing a new sister home for us too and I am getting excited! She says its probably going to be Emily but it also might be Ivy, or Lucy (#23). She said she is not picking for sure until we get there :( Oh well that just means I get to help her decide who to get!!! :D Anyways thanks for reading this!!

<3 Sky